Sisters, Leigh and Karen Bosch, own and run House of Yoga  – a much-loved yoga and wellness studio in Cape Town. With a background in ballet and dance, their dream was to create a space where others could come home to themselves – allowing them to nourish body and mind and engage more deeply with life.

The impetus behind establishing House of Yoga Retreats was to connect with people all over the world and take them on their own journey of self-discovery, whilst showcasing the natural beauty and wonder of their home country and its people.

Brought up with a deep appreciation of nature and conservation, passed down from their father, a well-known South African environmentalist, they believe combining holistic wellness therapies, adventure activities and the healing power of nature can really deepen the connection to oneself.


Competent in French, German and Italian, Leigh found yoga 15 years ago and qualified as a yoga teacher in Costa Rica with the  Marianne Wells Yoga School​. She danced professionally after university and then moved to London and spent 10 years working in the corporate world and travelling around Europe.

Answering a yearning to return to the wide open spaces of her homeland, she relocated back to South Africa to work in the renewable energy sector. Today, she is the proud co-owner of House of Yoga  in Cape Town – an urban sanctuary where people from all walks of life come to reconnect with themselves.

Her teaching style weaves together aspects of her dance experience and the various types of yoga she has practiced over the past 15 years (including Hatha, Iyengar, Scaravelli, Ashtanga, Forrest and Yin).  Her classes are an expression of, and ode to, the human body, mind, emotions and soul.



Karen has always loved working with people and, as a former primary school teacher, she taught at both special needs and mainstream schools in the UK and South Africa. As co-owner of House of Yoga and a former ballet dancer herself, she decided to take a leap of faith and follow her passion to help others live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Karen is a fully qualified massage and reflexology therapist, specialising in Holistic, Sports and Pregnancy massage, and Reflexology.

Karen’s philosophy is that massage and reflexology are not simply luxurious indulgences but are an integral part of maintaining a healthy, happy body and mind. She strongly believes that when you feel well, connected and more energised, you are able to give so much more of yourself to others and to the world.